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When To Respond To Negative Reviews (and not)

07. Apr, 2010

We talk a lot about taking the time to manage customer reviews and it makes sense to do so.

Online reviews grow legs: The search engines are aggregating them, Google’s putting them on Google Place pages and many users are even starting searches on review sites.

You want to make sure that you’re encouraging your customers to leave reviews, that you know what’s being said about you and that you’re active about managing them. That said, not all reviews are created equal. And not every bad review warrants a response or even an acknowledgment. How do you know the difference?

Here’s a quick list of the types of negative reviews worth responding to. And then some that aren’t.

When To Respond

Someone is misstating the facts: If someone is on your business page leaving a nasty review about a doctor that doesn’t work in your clinic or about an offer they didn’t receive because it never actually existed, you should politely step in to correct them. They probably don’t realize they’ve made an error and correcting the bad information will help to add context to new visitors who stumble across the page.

When Not To Respond

When the person is mad at the world, not you: Some users are known for leaving irate reviews about every establishment they visit. If you go through someone’s profile and see that bad reviews are ALL that’s there, don’t waste your time trying to change that person’s opinion. You may step in if they’re providing completely nonfactual information about what you offer/charge/etc, however, this isn’t a fight you’re going to win. Invest your time in something you can. Or go encourage someone to leave a positive review to help balance this one out.

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